The mobile robotics company

We develop custom solutions in robotics, measurement, machine control and remotely operated systems. Our strength is in the combination of robotic control, sensors, mechanical design, electronics and software engineering to help our customers solve problems. We develop robotic control of manipulator arms as well as ground vehicles and other machines. We are experienced in using many types of measurement technologies like laser, ultrasound, vision, GPS and inertial navigation.

We apply robotic and measurement technology in diverse fields including medical robotics and telemedicine, railway, road vehicles, unmanned vehicles, nuclear industry and research.

Mobile Robotics Sweden AB was founded in 1998.

Mobile Robots

Mobile robot

Mobile Robotics Sweden was started as a spin-off from the robotics research group at Luleå University of Technology. We still have a strong competence in mobile robot navigation both indoors and outdoors. The focus is on working solutions using advanced but reliable technology.


Mobile Rail


Railroad applications are one of out main markets. The BVScan railbed scannern is the de facto standard for railbed scanning in Sweden. We have a wide spectrum of scanning and measurement solutions available.


Mobile Medicine


The award winning Medirob Tele is the first commercially available telemedicine solution for cardiovascular ultrasound examinations. Medirob Ergo eliminates the problem of Work-Related Muscoluskeletal Disorders (WRMSD) for sonographers.


Mobile Sensing


From complete sensing solutions based on standard scanning lasers to our own structured light cameras.


Mobile Construction


Robotics in construction is a coming market. Mobile Robotics has already been there and is ready for new challenges!


Mobile Consulting

Crash test dummy From ready to use custom system solutions to quick programming, electronics or system design help - we are here to help you!

  • Source code Programming in C/C++/Labview etc.
  • Electronics design and programming in the interface between computer and reality.
  • Electronics PCB Control systems, signal processing and optronic sensing with laser scanners and structured light.


Mobile Security


The Ragvald outdoor security rover was developed as part of the preRunner project. Mobile Robotics is also offering other outdoor and indoor solutions to mobile surveilance using our expertise in mobile robotics and teleoperation.


Mobile Projects

EU projects

Participating in European as well as Swedish research projects is an important key to improvement and cooperation.


Mobile Nuclear


Mobile Robotics has worked both on nuclear decommissioning using hydraulic robot arms and as a consultant for the automation in nuclear storage facilities.