Mobile Security

Our company entered the area of security applications through participation in the preRunners project and as a subcontractor for laser scanner based surveillance systems. Mobile surveillance using either patrolling robots or sentries that switches positions makes it possible to effectively secure large areas using smaller resources without becoming predictable.

We act as a consultant or subcontractor in the area of robotic control and sensor technology. We develop and deliver subsustems which require mechanical design, electronics, software and data communication.


Mobile Robotics in cooperation with research teams at FOI and LiU have developed a prototype unmanned ground vehicle based on a standard ATV. It can perform tasks autonomously or be manually or semi-automatically operated from a remote location. It's designed for testing, developement and demonstration/validation of concepts and algorithms for unmanned guided vehicles in both military and civilian surveillance applications. Read more about RAGVALD.

Custom Mobile Robot

The Mobile Robotics company was started as a spin-off from the robotics research group at Luleå University of Technology. We still have a strong competence in mobile robot navigation both indoors and outdoors. The focus is on practical applications using advanced but reliable technology. This allows us to make cost effective offerings of totally custom designed vehicles for your specific needs.

RAGVALD unmanned autonomous ground vehicle prototype

Wheeled Low Profile Sentry

Silent and battery powered this low profile robot is designed to be moved into position using remote control. Once in position it will silently guard the position and give an alarm when an intrusion is detected allowing the operator to asses the situation and choose how to use the robot to handle the situation.

  • Low profile, silent and discreet.
  • Low complexity.
  • Easy system integration - communicates using WLAN or mobile phone.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom camera.
  • Several intrusion detection systems available:
    • Standard motion detection.
    • Camera change detection.
    • Laser perimeter guard virtual fence.
    • Laser scanner area cover.
    • Any custom solution that can be fitted on the robot.
  • Integrated GPS, gyro and compass.
  • Intelligent user interface. In addition to standard camera views the operator can also see both the robot position and the intruder position directly on an intercative map. The cameras can automatically pan/zoom onto the intruder and with the more advanced laser scanner solutions the intruder movement can be shown in both image and map.

Tracked Low Profile Sentry

For operations in difficult terrain the Low Profile Sentry can also be offered as a tracked vehicle.

Low Profile Patrolbot

Both the Wheeled and tracked sentries can be offered as autonomous patrol vehicles using a combination of GPS and laser range scanning for guidance. Patrol paths are easily setup either using a map or by driving the robot manually along the desired paths. By splitting the paths into sub-patrols random patrol patterns with guaranteed coverage times can be automatically generated.

Mobile Sentry Tower

For rapid deployment of temporary surveillance over large areas the mobile sentry tower is an excellent solution. Using a telescopic mast with a sensorhead on top it can cover large areas and still be transported on a small trailer towed by a regular car. Mounting on a remote control platform is also possible.

  • Up to 30 meters height.
  • Rapid deployment.
  • Wireless communication.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom camera.
  • Optional motion detection.
  • Optional laser scanner for change detection.
    (Moved vehicles, people, etc.)